Livid Expression Design | About

Livid Expression Design specializes in photography, make-up, and graphic design in all genres. We shoot in natural light on location but also have studio/professional lighting options available. We currently offer SFX, glamour, and film make-up options for clients. Please inquire for options and rates. :) 

We are inspired everyday by our clients, fans, friends, and families. We strive to provide you the best service possible and encourage creativity. Years in the photo industry have allowed us to travel many places and photograph even more faces. With the help of all of you we are able to create unique and stunning photographs that will last for generations to come. Our goal is to capture the memories that one day start to fade. We keep those memories crisp and create new ones. For all of that and more we thank you. We are able to offer more services thanks to the dedication of our fans.

We offer all types of photographic style dependent on needs of our client, you. We are here to provide you a service and commit to that duty. We offer traditional portraits sessions but also like to offer you something different and unique. We want creativity to flow through our shoots so we can satisfy your desired effect. We offer full make-up artists, hair stylists, and fashion designers for all of our shoots that can be bundled into our packages.

LaKeshia S. has always had an interest in photography from a young age. Living in Germany as a child, she grew up around photography thanks to her mother's interest in the arts. Starting in front of the camera, she modeled as a child until she found her true calling was behind it as the photographer. At age 15, she started to photograph as a profession and has continued to ever since. She obtained formal training through her school years, winning many awards and acknowledgments in the industry. She has had many complications through her journey but always overcomes them. She is now a freelance photographer based out of Italy currently and travels often. She started studying sfx make-up and other make-up techniques in 2014 and continues perfecting her artistry to offer those services in addition to her photography. She obtained her make-up artistry certificate in July of 2016. She continues to shoot all genres of photography as well as practices other art forms. She is always interested in meeting new creative minds and work as a cooperative on projects.


LaKeshia suffered moderate spinal injuries after a car accident when she was hit by a drunk driver in July of 2015, she lost a year in recovery and is still working hard on rehabilitation despite doctors belief that it is permanent.  As always, she plans to overcome this too and not give up! She wants to thank all of her fans, friends, family, and supporters who have stood by her through this ordeal! It means the world to her! Due to injuries and inability to work, she took an offer to live in Italy until 2019 with her family. She will continue to bring you beautiful images despite any pain or hardships that she is faced with! LaKeshia plans to visit the US again in 2017! Until then, Never give up! Tomorrow is a new day!


Aspire to Inspire, until you Expire!